Excursions in and around the Zillertal

There are many ways of spending your leisure time in the Zillertal: from adventure worlds through thermal spas, gold and silver mines to museums and worlds of crystal. And families with children can find everything they need in the Zillertal too, with many attractions and adventure playgrounds to get any child going.

Zillertaler Höhenstrasse

The Zillertaler Höhenstrasse is one of the most beautiful Alpine roads in Austria, offering visitors a beautiful dream-like panorama of the Zillertal Alps. And there's no shortage of culinary highs here either, thanks to the many snack bars and mountain inns along this Alpine road.

Brindlang natural water playground

The new natural experience playground in Mayrhofen is made of wood and stone, with many wooden flumes, known as the 'Brindlang', channelling, pooling and damming up the water over the whole area. With a sand playground and water-driven mill wheel to complete the package and get kids' hearts beating faster. In the middle of the Scheulingwald, this new playground is an ideal destination for the whole family.

Schwaz silver mine

Especially when it's really hot in summer, there's a really great way to cool off, in the silver mine, where it's always 12° Celsius. And the silver mine at Schwaz is still the right choice if the weather turns bad, and is an excursion for the whole family. It never rains underground!

Falconry display

There are falconry displays at 14.00 on Saturdays to Thursdays from mid-June to mid-October (not Fridays), and the Ahorn eagle centre is open daily from 09.30 to 11.30 to visit free of charge (not Wednesdays).

Stilluptal and the green wall Hut

'There, where it could not be more original.
Join us for the Stilluptal and enjoy the beautiful view from our "Green Wall Hut"! Our shuttle buses will bring you comfortably to this beautiful valley of the Zillertal. At the "Green Wall Hut" you can enjoy the wonderful view, whilst enjoying hearty meal, coffee and cake or a refreshing drink. For more information and reservations please contact our reception! Departure times as required (from Berghof - Europahouse): from 8h00, 8h30, 10h00 and 11h30.
Our hotel guests receive discounts.

The Green Wall Hut is a partner of our hotel.

FeuerWerk at the wood experience world

Experience wood with all your senses. This guided tour not only offers you, the visitor, a chance to see the fascinating technology of the latest and most economical biomass cogeneration plant in Europe, it also invites you to rediscover wood, the natural product all around us.

Gold display mine

See what it's like working underground, the not exactly 'upright' world of miners and how they lived. And find out about the political conflicts between Salzburg and the Tyrol, the financial background and the strong influence of the church.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Far from the ordinariness of everyday life, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds offer visitors a magical experience: inside the 'giant' there are magical underground chambers with a multi-faceted interplay of crystalline shapes and colours. See why the name Swarovski has been a household word for top quality and creativity worldwide.

Krimml's Wondrous Worlds of Water

Near the Krimml waterfalls, among the largest in Europe with a fall height of 30 m, the House of Water, an aqua park and multi-screen cinema complete the experience a visit offers. The thundering rush of mighty waters leaves an unforgettable impression on all visitors, and a scenic terrace along the waterfalls lets you experience this wonder of nature close up.

Mayrhofen dairy

Look over the master cheesemaker’s' shoulder and enjoy the culinary pleasures from the varied menu at the Zillertal Alpine dairy. Afterwards you can buy the Zillertal dairy products at the farm shop.

Panoramic village tour

Experience Mayrhofen up close with our panorama train. Daily tours from the "Sternplatz" in Mayrhofen. For hotel guests we offer discounts on all tours.